Product Description

With high performance IDEAL branded decorative needlepunch lining upholstery brick-embossed pattern you can create comfortable and strong sofa beds. Different weights, colours and technical properties can match your production facilities. 

The sole licensed manufacturer in Turkey Akrateks product brick-embossed pattern IDEAL branded decorative needlepunch lining upholstery is an alternative for companies with high quality upholstery sofa products.
This IDEAL branded decorative needlepunch lining upholstery is fire retardant, non-slip, printed surface of the fabric image, breathable, seam and flash durable, holding water, washable.

Decorative Needlepunch Lining Upholstery Type:
Akrateks lining upholstery is very wide variety, for the moment from 120gr./m².  till 140 gr./m².  lining printed we produce also is available in our stock.

Decorative Needlepunch Lining Upholstery Diversification Providing Parameters As Follows:
a) Decorative surface
b) Double surface Thermobond, lower surface Thermobond,
c) 120, 140, gr./m².  weight and above.
d) 150 cm - 160 cm width
e) 50 mt. or 100 mt. Winding

Technical Specifications Of The Decorative Needlepunch Lining Upholstery:
Akrateks IDEAL branded Decorative Needlepunch Lining brick-embossed pattern passed the tests as follows:

  • Antiallergic
  • Antibacterial
  • Flame retardance
  • Transverse and longitudinal resistance to stretching
  • Air permeability
  • Resistance to breaking strength
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Light fastness

Color Types:
Akrateks have 7 different color options (White - Black - Beige - Cream - Grey - Brown – Anthracite) is available.
From 120, 140 gr./m².  in stock whole colors is available. Half visible the bottom cushion fabric, in fixed cushion, in cushion fixing, leather seating groups or in bed bases is used.

The Decorative Needlepunch Lining Upholstery Advantage:

  • Breathable, leather-covered laying breathe on the cushion.
  • For use on the inside of the seat cover of leather from artificial leather or from fabric saving provided.
  • With the printed option in the sofa to obtain an elegant appearance.
  •  There are a lot of printed colors options.
  • Akrateks keeps stock in order to provide quicker service.
  • All technical specifications are presented

Terms of Delivery:
Method of Delivery            : Delivery from stock
Minimum Order Quantity    : 5.000 mt.
Type of packaging            : In nylon PE bags


Technical Datasheet