Ürün Tanıtımı

The fabric separates the drain materials from the soil, but allows water to penetrate. The drain is kept clean. Fibertex can be used for drains in the open as well as perimeter drains along foundations and basement walls. Use Fibertex Patio® for drains.

Fibertex Patio
® is also used for terraces.
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This composite bio-textile product is the ideal solution for your garden. Grass, flowers, vegetables – practically every kind of seed can be included in this bio-mat product. The nonwoven base structure is 100% biodegradable and disappears some weeks after installation.


Green nonwoven geotextile with Ultraviolet treatment suitable for protection of storage of straw, hay and grain from the exposure to wind, rain and birds. IMPORTANT FUNCTIONS: ensure air and vapour circulation, drainage of rainwater.