Product Description

One of the most important factors that damage the structure is water. Water penetration entering in our building, deterioration of concrete in the structure of the carrier, cracking and rusting of reinforcement in concrete leads to the decrease in capacity. Our structure; rain, soil moisture, the soil in which the building as the groundwater and external water bath, sink and so on so. wet areas is exposed to the intrinsic water.
AKRATEKS carrier for roof tiles offers a wide assortment of Geotex needlepunch.

Roof pads and breathable membrane for roofing applications polyester Geotex very often for bituminous membrane puncture, tear, rupture is used as a protective layer against, It is the ideal product for use in flat roof applications. with excellent breathability and temperature compensation provides a good water repellency. Also helps to drain the accumulated water. For roofing applications, polyester GEOTEX are very often used as a puncture protection layer for the bituminous membrane when used in flat roof top applications. It also helps to drain away the water which would otherwise collect and accumulate on flat roof top surfaces. Geotex make fabrics resistant to sunlight and also to ensure thermal equilibrium u / v can be treated with stabilizers.
Geotex products weight is 90gr./m². - 200gr./m².